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Client: Personal Project

Category: Publication/Illustration

My major project for the honours year of my degree, Falling Asleep attempts to make information about narcolepsy more accessible and easily understood, through the use of illustrations, infographics and layout.

As a person with narcolepsy, I know intimately what a life-changing event a diagnosis of narcolepsy can be. This is compounded by the fact that most people with narcolepsy are diagnosed in their teens or twenties, a vulnerable time in the development of their own identity.

This project aims to provide information about narcolepsy in a way that is sympathetic to the emotional impact of this event; designed to be less daunting and more easily understood. Text for this booklet was sourced from the informative pamphlet “Narcolepsy and You,” available from the Narcolepsy Network.

See the online extension of this project here:

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falling asleep illustration cataplexy narcolepsy puppet
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