Client Details

Client: Narcolepsy Australia

Category: Digital Design

A series of sharable graphics to help raise awareness across Narcolepsy Australia’s social media.

The goal of these graphics was to raise awareness of narcolepsy during Sleep Week 2018.

Narcolepsy messaging is often very plain and boring, so creating simple graphics that are easy to read and understand (while still being aesthetically pleasing) should encourage people to share more widely.

I researched the content, wrote the copy, sourced the photography and designed the final images.

These posts were a huge success, gaining 75% higher reach than any of the existing posts on their Facebook page (reach of over 10,000 for each post).

We also had heaps of great feedback from people with narcolepsy, who said that these posts were really helpful in explaining their condition to those around them.

You can see the posts on the FaceBook page here.